There was a photo, but…

My in laws are insane  brave!  They’ve just purchased a restaurant with their BFF’s.  They’re set to open in early October.

Ordinarily I would be super worried they just jeopardized our inheritance (their retirement…whatever) for this venture, but they are old pro’s at the restaurant business.  The last ones the BFF’s owned was a gold mine but doesn’t exist anymore thanks to Eminent Domain and a nice highway loop around our town.

This new place is essentially a resurrection of the old place, but in a new town.  We’re excited for them.  The location is primo, the food will be excellent, and best of all, it’s employment for my oldest daughter while she finishes college.  Win!

I had a great picture of the “Coming Soon” banner with a great shot of the restaurant in the background.  I took it on my Blackberry.  And of course, that means the photo is gone because the POS phone died.  So…I drank the Kool-Aid and bought an iPhone.  And seriously, how have I not had one before now?  It’s awesome.  I’m emailing, playing Words with Friends, checking, reading the news.  And I hear the iPhone makes calls too, but who knows.

Anyways, the restaurant.  I don’t have a picture for this post.  But I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it as we go forward.  And I’ll post a picture soon enough.

If you’re ever near Granbury TX and you need an amazing Chicken Fried Steak or guacamole cheeseburger, please come check out Linda’s Southern Kitchen (website soooo under construction, so don’t laugh!) at the corner of Pearl and Crockett streets.

And ask for the cute waitress, Lindsay.  She needs the tips.  Seriously.  Her parents are so sick of paying for college.



I call her Pearl.  I’m weird and name all of my cars. She’s silver, smells of new car, and has ridonkulously low payments.  I’m blissed out.

Pearl gets 35 mpg as opposed to the 16 mpg’s from Dora (my Explorer–ha!)

Pearl also has a “jukebox” and USB outlet.  That coupled with the iPod/iPhone hookup, essentially puts over 2000 songs at my fingertips.  In other words, I don’t get out of my car.  I just drive around and play The Beatles,  John Cougar Mellencamp and the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever–all the stuff my hubs won’t listen to in the house.

Pearl also has Bluetooth.  She’ll let me make hands-free phone calls and read my text messages and Facebook updates to me.  (I haven’t been brave enough to dictate a text message or Facebook status to her because I see room for…error.  My sister used to live in Houston where you wouldn’t want to text and drive.  Or drive at all, actually.  Her husband texted her a message saying he had to work late.  She voice texted him back saying “That’s cool.  Love you”.  He received the message as saying “You fool.  ‘F’ you”.  See what I could be dealing with?)

Enough blogging.  I just decided I need to go to the post office.  I hear Bad Bad Leroy Brown is such a great song to drive to the post office to…



My buddy Kathy has this super blog.  One of my favorite things about her blog is her occasional series called “Pardon Me While I Rant Incessantly”.  I’m prone to ranting myself.  Sometimes, I practically hissy.  But I’m not a borrower (read: thief) and will not be stealing Kat’s cool title.  So when I rant/hissy, I’ll be calling it WTFT.

What’s that, you ask?  It’s from the best commercial EVER.  I quote it frequently.  And today, I’m WTFT’ing about some total lint lickers…Chick Fil A haters and NBC Olympic broadcasting morons.

I tweeted yesterday that I couldn’t tell what was repelling me more from media this week…the CFA to-do, or the fact that I might accidentally find out how Michael Phelps did before I saw the event.  The irritation level is a toss-up, frankly.


I researched this and nowhere did Dan Cathy say anything about hating/refusing to hire/refusing to serve/wishing death and dismemberment upon, gay people.  He believes the Biblical definition of marriage, and said so.  CFA is a Christian owned business, so I was just SHOCKED he took that stance, as clearly the media, mayor of Chicago, Nancy Pelosi and the mouth breathers in the comments section of Yahoo News clearly were.  I think some reporter pushed for an answer to that question because it would definitely stir the pot.  And it did.  But, why?  Here’s my stance:

I love my God.

I love His son.

I try VERY hard to live according to His mandates.  Not because they are mean rules, but are meant to set me free.  And again, with the love thing, I want to honor Him.

God called me to be like Him, but not be Him.  I’ll let God deal with marriage, I’ll deal with following Mark 12

Why can’t we agree to disagree?  Why, when we disagree, do we have to go to DEFCON 4 levels of arguing?  Why can’t we debate, spiritedly, yet civilly, anymore?  I mean, have you ever done that…debate civilly?  It’s a blast, you can learn a lot, but you don’t have to abandon your belief system, or beat someone up until they do.

I happen to believe what Dan Cathy does.  I’ll defend that to the ground–but not at the expense of giving any person the impression that I have hate towards them. But man, can’t that be a two-sided coin?  Even if you lump my beliefs in with mermaids and Big Foot, can’t you just assume I’m kind of “out there” and not yell at me when my beliefs rub counter to yours?

I need to pray for this whole mess as much as I whine about this.  That’s. a. fact.

NBC Olympics coverage

Uggggghhhh.  The Peacock has so been on my nerves this week.  They edited the opening ceremony (which looked like it was produced by the guys who did HR Puffinstuff, but with extra LSD), then got a bit snotty about the fact that they were doing what was best for us…because I handed power of attorney over to NBC years ago, and then insisted they were done with annoying their viewers.  They lied.

I’m no dummy.  I know to avoid Facebook and Twitter if I don’t want to find out if Missy Franklin took the gold.

It didn’t occur to me I needed to avoid NBC itself.

Yup, I was one of the victims of seeing the NBC promo of sweet little Missy Franklin with her medal on…15 minutes before they showed her race.  So irritating.  If NBC is going to hold the events hostage until prime time, I’m thinking they can have some sort of check system in place to keep me and the millions of other #NBCfail folks from wanting to throw our supportive CFA sandwiches at them because a promo blew the outcome up.

I’m heading to yoga now.  It’s supposed to help me relax.  We’ll see.

I’m baaaaack

So I’m back.  But on WordPress.  I know, right?

There are so many reasons I just decided to start fresh rather than revive the old blog:

1.–enough said

2. I was in the midst of a raging sinus infection when I created my last site and misspelled the name of the blog.  I’m an English major.  That sort of thing kept me awake at night.

3. Blackberry has a WordPress app.  I can update from my phone.  I won’t…but I could.

4. Because I’m ADD, so why not jump around?

5. This will keep me accountable to the Google Reader account I’ve had for years.  I’ll read yours, if you read mine.

6.  We live in a world of Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Kelly Preston, in one week’s time, handing out marriage advice.  This blog will write itself, just sayin.

7. I have a smokin new camera to share my hilarious family follies along with my snark.  (I don’t have an Instagram account, but now that I have this great camera, I can’t wait to get Instagram so all my photos look like they were taken with my mom’s 1978 Polaroid. And inflict them on you.  You’re welcome).
I’m off…for now.  Thanks for coming by.